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MULTITECH Ltd. produces:

laser power supplies:

  • For lasers with diode pumping;
  • For lasers with lamp pumping.
Laser Electronics:
  • Q-switch driver QSWD-4-1;
  • PMT power supplies;
  • Instrument current transformers (ICT-series) ;
  • Drivers for Peltier Coolers;
  • Drivers for Peltier thermal stabilizers of KTP krystals;
  • Laser energy measurers;
  • Fast ADC Boards (ISA bus).
Cooling Systems:
  • Single-circuit passive cooling system;
  • Double-circuit passive cooling system;
  • Double-circuit active cooling system.
Microprocessing Laser Systems:
  • "SAPPHIRE" Laser System (Laser scribing by picosecond laser);
  • "POLYFER" Laser System (Laser ablation by nanosecond laser);
  • "Quartz" Laser System.
Laser systems for the customer's specifications:
  • laser systems with lamp pumping (Lapias, Orion);
  • laser systems with diode pumping (M-600, Pentagon, Cupidon);
  • High power systems (before 15 J/pulse)(LASER DIAGNOSTICS SYSTEM OF HOT TOKAMAK PLASMA).

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198103, Rizhskiy pr. 26,
St.-Petersburg, Russia


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